Cloud Consulting Services

  • Analyze & understand your current IT environment
  • Assess current environment and cloud readiness of your business applications.
  • Evaluate regulatory and data security implications
  • Provide total cost of ownership and value assessment
  • Define cloud strategy & roadmap

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Deployment Services

  • Take platform, framework and technology decisions
  • Make design based on enterprise decisions around data integrity, security and availability. Multi-region HA and DR design with defined SLA’s
  • Go for optimal design for right capacity and performance expectations.
  • Deploy cloud

Cloud Migration Services

  • Evaluate benefits vs risks of cloud migration
  • Create POC and evolve specific approach in terms of move from on-premise cloud to public cloud or from one public cloud to the other
  • Submit project plan and timeframe for Migration
  • Plan for fall-back plan for failed migrations, with minimum business process disruptions