Unified Telecom Operation Manager

TelecomEye- A Unified Telecom Operation Manager (UTOM) is the state-of-art platform that automates & digitalizes the entire call center telecom (UC & CC) operations. It helps to enhance customer satisfaction, telecom cost optimization, manpower reduction and reduce business downtime by increasing response time to telecom incidences by sending alerts & notification to IT & business via all digital communication channels in near to real-time.


  • Cumbersome to manage Telecom Inventory on excel
  • Non availabilities of Cradle-to-Grave telecom CMDB
  • Difficult to manage provisioning of telecom with people
  • Manual UC, CC and TSP alerts on mobile by NOC
  • No automation in assigning telecom inventories to business and people
  • Unable to manage UC, CC and TSP without integration with ERP’s & IT connect applications
  • Difficult to manage multiple process TSP Trunks Channels/voice channels bandwidth utilization against provisioning and unable to optimized
  • Manual process to manage AVAYA Licenses & its usage by each process
  • Manual Dial-Out Incident management process to key stakeholder for major outages.
  • Difficult to monitor VIP’s extensions and send failure notifications
  • Manual telecom’s “Provision & Operation” with L1 telecom manpower
  • Managing multiple TFN/DID numbers along with multiple trunk line from TSP link.


TelecomEye automates & digitizes the Telecom/contact center infra operation, equipment’s down-time and raise proactive alerts for large and global outsource organizations.

Key Features

  • Proactive operation management
  • Real-time smart telecom alerts via dial-out
  • Simplified BCP/DR management
  • Standardized telecom operation & reports
  • Business telecom CMDB
  • Non-blocking telecom provisioning & alerting
  • Avaya/Cisco MAC tracking
  • VIP/Non-VIP extension services
  • TF/DID health management
  • Trunk statistics and hourly sub-business reports


  • Automated & digitized telecom operations
  • Reduce business outages risk
  • Automatic telephony traffic testing
  • Automatic alerts & notification via dashboard, Email, SMS and auto dial-out
  • Automatically manage large TSP & Telco cloud service
  • Enhanced up-time telecom operation services
  • Real-time alerts and monitoring
  • Save time, cost and manpower


  • Unified Telecom CMDB
  • Unified Trunk Capacities Management
  • Unified Trunk Health Manager
  • AVAYA Aura Health Manager
  • AVAYA Aura License Manager
  • AVAYA Aura Extension & ACD Manager
  • Custom-Built Telecom Application (Optional)
Unified Telecom CMDB
TelecomEye enables contact centers to automate & digitized PSTN telecom inventory (CMDB) and map to each business to simplify telecom operation. This application helps contact center business to slice their shared AVAYA ACD and TSP inventories and simplifying telecom operations to enhance end-to-end user experience, customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

Using this application, businesses can migrate their cradle-to-grave telecom inventory (Customer Dial Number, TSP Voice Channels groups, Colo location, Out-pulsed, DNIS, BPO DID, VDN, from multiple excel sheets to this platform. With this application, telecom implementation team can easily handover new transition to telecom operation team. Telecom CMDB can also be moved from one business center to another, business reverse transition document (in case of business lose) and can accordingly optimized telecom inventory & capacities (Dial Number, PSTN Channels, WAN voice bandwidth) to reduce telecom cost.
Unified Trunk Capacities Management
This application enables businesses to view their trunk capacity provision vs usage at regular interval from share trunk channels. For each process, it provides peak trunk channels usage status at regular interval. Using daily, weekly, monthly peak channel usage reports, call center business can optimize telecom channel & international WAN voice bandwidth provisioning. And at the same time, IT team can ensure non-blocking trunk channel environment. This application ease-out trunk channel capacity management at the time of process ramp-up, ramp-down, process movement between centers and seasonal scalabilities and BCP-DR as well.
Unified Trunk Health Manager
TelecomEye checks the health of all trunk related parameters round-the-clock. The trunk parameter includes dial-in number (Toll or Toll-Free), TSP PSTN Voice ‘ISDN/SIP’ channels, Enterprise PSTN voice channels, Signaling of trunk channels, non-availability of channels for process and WAN trunk voice bandwidths.
AVAYA Aura Health Manager
TelecomEye monitors the health of AVAYA aura equipments(other with customization) round-the-clock. It captures all major alarms from AVAYA AURA and deliver notification to IT and telecom team via all digital channels (telephony CTI dial-out, email, chat, NOC dashboard and ITSM) for L1-L3 telecommunication SME. This application helps to reduce the business down-time and automatically communicate to all concerns in near to real-time to IT team.
AVAYA Aura License Manager
TelecomEye manages AVAYA licenses (capture details from AVAYA aura platform) purchased vs usage of multiple AVAYA aura platforms. This application notifies to business if the license consumption reaches to the threshold stage. Using this application, process owner can reserve the required license capacity as per process ramp-up target date and IT team can communicate about release of license in case of process ramp-down. It helps to take effective use of AVAYA license by multiple processes and ease-out license provisioning as per process ramp-up and ramp-down.
AVAYA Aura Extension & ACD Manager
TelecomEye manages AVAYA extension & agent ID for process, support team and VIP/leadership users. Using this application, IT can optimize cost by analyzing the extension/agent ID list provisioned v/s usage which help to cut down AVAYA license inventory for those extension which are configured but not used.

It is enabled with a feature to automatically create, delete and reset auth-code (L1 SME telecom configuration function automation).

With this application, IT can define VIP’s extension (like CXO, Boardroom etc) so that the application checks the health of these extension in near to real time and notify to IT in case of any extension go out-of-service so that issues can be fixed at priority.
Custom-Built Telecom Application (Optional)
TelecomEye platform can also be used further to automate various telecom automation requirements like DOT regulatory framework, Telecom Connectivity (MPLS, Internet and P2P etc), CMDB, Telecom Expense Management (Invoice Generation, TSP invoice Verification and toll fraud etc) etc.

What you get with TelecomEye?

TelecomEye, a unified telecom operation manager provides total visibility for business units and IT operation teams with system generated alerts & notifications. It automatically triggers IT alerts and notification on every issue related to telecom operations.

TelecomEye works with-
Enhance Up-time of Telecom Services
TelecomEye generates advance dashboards, reports and alerts helping telecom IT to know if there is any technical issue before business or customer escalation and help to enhance up-time of services from TSP cloud/contact center platform.
Reactive to proactive telecom operations
TelecomEye upgrades the telecom/contact center operation model from reactive to proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities using digitalization & automation technologies.
Save time, cost and manpower
TelecomEye saves time, cost and manpower by effectively enhancing the utilization of telecom resources and minimize unutilized telecom inventories.
Reports and dashboards
State-of-the art integrated dashboard contains individual user and business & sub-business analytics along with trunk statistics and hourly sub-business wise reports.