At Simcomm, our passion is to deliver value adding, strategic and business-focused consulting that creates impactful workforce practices by leveraging our deep understanding to target the critical bottom lines of our clients, which is the customer bottom lines; the employee bottom lines; & shareholder bottom lines. Essentially, innovative approach & cutting edge consulting solutions are designed to accelerate growth through a greater alignment of business and workforce strategies.

System Engineering

Planning, Solution Design & Implementation Services : We understand that every company has its unique requirement, challenges and goals, what works in one set up may possibly not be the same for another. That’s why we work with our clients to understand their requirements to develop a solution which is best for their environment and objectives.
  • Assess – Review current state, Evaluate Process and Technology Maturity, Solution Design and recommendation
  • Analyze – Identify Opportunities, Inferences and Implementation techniques
  • Act – Apply customized solutions, Review and Sign-off, Track and Control outcomes

Consultancy Services

  • We partner with customers to understand and address their needs to devise best in class solutions and define the best plan of action to be implemented across organizations.
  • Our holistic and 360o analytics approach can create new, data driven business models to cater the current market needs and provide significant growth potential.
  • The Process involves typically:
    • Process Maturity Assessment
    • Data Validation
    • Future Roadmap Preparation
    • Solution Design & Integration
    • Service Delivery


We understand that each organization has unique learning requirements that require different solutions. Our aim is to help you effectively reach your learning goals.
Do you want to train your employees on Recording, WFM or QM Platforms?
Understand new features in product?
Speed up the adoption of specific software?
We can develop custom solutions and Training Programs to enhance your existing Technical learning that can help you achieve your specific learning and business objectives. We can also facilitate explanatory learning depending on your learning objectives.


Simcomm provide a vital and significant role for Presales Professionals. In our organization role of presales falls right in the middle marrying the customer needs to the (provider) company's services or products. This role is one of the crucial ones in our organization for the fact the products and services are often heavily customizable, besides the requirements of different customers are often unique hence the Presales Professional carry expertize to understand customer needs.

Project Management

Simcomm services ranges from the original conception phase via project planning through to project management using the latest control mechanism and management tools. Our project status and progress reporting service is customizable to our “Clients” needs, giving you added flexibility in allocating your resources to maximize time scales