Call Recording Compliance & Assurance

RecordingEye is a gen-next Call Recording Compliance and Assurance Platform that sends alerts and notification to IT & business for every call recording failure or any ambiguity.


  • Recording/media failure attract hefty penalties and business faith loss.
  • Its cumbersome to check each call recording and media integrity
  • Delayed analysis leads to more call failures and data loss.


RecordingEye monitors call-by-call cradle-to-grave analysis to avoid call data and media integrity failures. RecordingEye, a true integrated solution with industry’s major recording platform like Avaya, Verint, Cisco, Genesis & NICE.

Key Features

  • ACD v/s Recordings.
  • Call-by-Call Media Integrity
  • Call-by-Call Analysis
  • Multi Process/sub-process
  • ACD & Non-ACD
  • IP Media Packet Capture Monitor
  • CTI link monitor
  • Recorder-Application services monitor
  • Identify Media issue type- one-way, blank & partial audio file
  • Alert & notification - Dashboard, Email, SMS and Dial-out
  • Pseudo health check manager


  • Reduce recording lose risk and business penalties
  • Help to achieve total recording assurance goals
  • Identification of system failure
  • Streamline operations
  • Call recorders health monitoring
  • Save time and money
Call Recording Assurance & its Compliance Analysis
Recording Compliance Manager compares call by call interaction against its recording. It captures all call-by-call details and compares it’s with call recording platform records. In case of any call data & media integrity was issue observed with respect to each process.
Call Recording- Monitoring & Alerting
RecordingEye monitors call recording and its administrative failures and notified to IT and businesses via SMS, Emails, Dashboard and Dial-out etc. wherever recording is being compromised. It validates call data and existence of media files for each and every call which are answered by ACD.
Media Integrity
RecordingEye checks media integrity failures and map its failure against each & every call. This application identifies various type media related issue like no media, one-way media, partial media and in merge audio calls media as well.
Reports and dashboards
State-of-the art integrated dashboard or call-by-call analytics along with health status of call recording platform along with its integration with voice infrastructure. Various reports options available like extension, process and SNMP trap etc.
Pseudo health check manager (Optional)
This application generates synthetic voice traffic at schedule intervals using CTI interface. The call is answered by unattended auto-answered phone configured with each call recorder (Distributed). And monitor the availability of your call from incoming down to end-point and recorded by call recording platform.

What you get with RecordingEye?

Using RecordingEye, a call recording assurance platform, contact center customer can see recording status of each call which is answered by ACD platform. This platform identifies media integrity related calls and marks them against the issues (blank audio, one-way audio, partial recording audio etc). This platform also check the health of call recording platform and notified to the IT about all technical operational issues in hourly, daily and monthly basis.
Reduce Business Risks & Penalties
Using this platform, contact center businesses can deliver total 100% call recording assurance & its compliance SLA and protect their business from hefty penalties and business risks.
Identification of system failure
By active & passive tests on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, RecordingEye platform ensures that any issues with recording failure, recording file availability, voice quality and component failures are identified rapidly.
Streamline operations
Quickly and easily validate your call recording assurance with automated reporting on call quality, accurate alerting and end-to-end visibility, giving a single independent source of calls, recording, archiving and auditing.