Digital Auto Call Back Manager

Digital auto call back manager is an AVAYA AES integrated (without IVR) platform featuring Multi process, Non-Blocking capture, Blended agents and telephony controlled Unified Desktop (UD) API's. This platform can be used as auto callback, abundant call back, agent call drop call back, missed call back and website call back.


  • Large customer handling time.
  • Loss of business leads
  • Decrease credibility.
  • Increased inbound calls traffic
  • Increased business downtime
  • Decrease agent productivity
  • Deteriorate customer retention
  • Decrease brand visibility & customers’ loyalty
  • Bad customer experience
  • Higher call abandon rates
  • Managing business & sub-business details on excel
  • Manual agent or user management
  • Manual call history management reports
  • Managing call history reports on excel
  • Time and money lost


Auto Call Back (ACB) Platform helps contact center businesses to streamline their operations, increase profits and productivity by converting unanswered, missed, drop, blended and abundant calls into crucial business leads.

Key Features

  • Non-blocking &blended agent auto call back
  • Skilled Group Aligned (Click to call)
  • AES integrated preview/manual dialer
  • Immediate &scheduled call back
  • Web ACB desktop agent w/o telephony feature
  • Login/Logout, AUX, Xfer, Conference, hold and release
  • Blended agents with disposition
  • Real-time supervisor dashboard & IT-NOC dash-boards
  • CRM integrations


  • Streamline operating environment
  • No loss of leads
  • Cost optimization and enhance CSAT
  • Business resource optimization
  • Shorter handle times to improve CSAT with personalize services
  • Increase business credibility
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Increase customers’ loyalty &satisfaction
  • Improvise customer experience
  • Enhance agent productivity
  • Low call abandon rates
  • Time & cost saving
Automatic Call Back Schedules
Auto Call Back platform helps contact center business to manage the scheduling of return calls, sending a request to the call-back application when a call needs to be made and passing the data required to prompt an operative to make a call.
Complete Call Summary
ACB, an AES integrated digital call back manager is easy to integrate with the CRM. It provides the downloadable analytical and historical call details like CLI, Agent no. Extension no. Skill no., call date & time and call duration etc.
Manage Business & Sub-business
Digital call back is the platform which can be used to extend call back functionalities to multiple businesses and its sub-businesses. Each business can see their own call back credentials independently. .
Reports and dashboards
ACB state-of-the art integrated dashboard shows call-by-call historical report along with businesses & sub-businesses analytical details.
Call Back Manager

What you get with Digital Auto Call Back Manager?

Simcomm Auto Call Back is an AVAYA integrated state-of-art platform that helps contact center business to increase brand visibility and customers’ loyalty by converting unanswered, missed, blended and abundant calls into beneficial business profits and leads.
Lower abandon rates
ACB platform helps contact center businesses to lower the call abandon rates and increase business profits. With the availability of this platform, the customers of contact centers won’t need to hang-up the calls due to lengthy waiting queues. They can easily request for a call back and go about their day while they wait for an agent to return their call.
Time and cost savings
This call back application helps contact center businesses to eliminate the higher toll charges and increases cost for businesses to a considerable degree. It helps in saving a significant amount of telecom & wait time charges for the call centers.
Shorter customers handling time
This auto call back platform provides an opportunity to contact centers to reduce the customers call handling time which leads to more friendly and pleasant conversation. Also, on receiving a call back request, the most skilled agent can call back them which leads to more pleasant conversation.
No loss of leads/ Better customer interaction
Using the advanced technology of ACB, an IVR call back manager, contact centers or agents will never lose a lead even when they are pre-occupied and couldn’t answer the call on time. As soon as the caller opts for a call back service, their information gets recorded and the suitable agent contacts the lead as soon as he/she is free.