Customer Feedback Surveys

What do customers really think about your business? It’s a deceptively simple question—and it’s one of the most fundamental challenges organizations face in today’s highly competitive market. By using customer surveys, you can determine if the customer experience your contact center provides is truly satisfying your customers.

IVR solution can help you solicit valuable input from customers at the end of their calls through IVR or email surveys, as an extension to conversations with your agents. A browser-based solution, Verint's EFM IVR solution uses short, context-sensitive, dynamic customer surveys to capture data on products, processes, staff performance, and customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.

Through the use of context-based surveys, you can engage customers and deliver response rates far greater than those obtained through traditional, one-size-fits-all questionnaires. As a result, you can move beyond mere sampling to capture meaningful data, even with large numbers of customers and multiple sites.

What are the benefits from this Unified Platform:

EFM IVR solution is part of the Verint Voice of the Customer Analytics solution, which includes Speech Analytics, Text Analytics, and Verint Enterprise Feedback Management.

EFM IVR solution capitalizes on the unified Impact 360 platform, enabling the solution to share information easily with others in the Impact 360 suite to deliver extended benefits, including:

Quality Monitoring – Offers the ability to link the recorded customer conversations with the associated surveys. This provides the opportunity to review survey responses and put them into context of the conversation.

Quality Evaluation Forms – Provides the ability to compare internal quality evaluation scores with customer scores on your agents. This is the highest level of calibration.

Speech Analytics – Analyzes your customers’ verbatim comments to help you identify trends, terms of interest, and more. Advanced Scorecards (Performance Management) – Provides key performance indicators, enabling you to easily compare your service goals to customers’ ratings.

Lesson Management – Enables eLearning sessions to be triggered and sent to the employee desktop based on scores from customers.