Call Recording

Recording of telephone conversations have exceeded from being a “recommendation “ to “compulsion”. All transactions taking over the phone are to be recorded is a must “practice”, especially financial transaction. It is reliable full-time solution to help larger contact centers meet a range of needs, from compliance recording and liability management to monitoring agent performance. Recording systems handle the process of capturing the audio from all participants in the call, mixing it, storing it and creating an index that allows administrators to locate and review recordings. We being the major System Integrators and Partners of Large Enterprises in Recording Solutions you can experience large variety of solutions and deployments in traditional TDM, IP, mixed telephony, and mobile phone environments, One stop solution for all your business needs”

Following are some of the major features offered by our Recording Products:

  • Call recording and call archiving rules Flexibility
  • Support for TDM and VOIP environments in Telephony
  • Record calls at any location
  • Scalable architecture for adapting to future call recording capacity needs
  • Call recordings access from any location
  • Complete Redundancy Solution for business continuity
  • End-to-end media encryption, strong authentication and server hardening for data security