Quality Monitoring

Scale New Heights with Result-oriented Monitoring and Evaluation

Our Quality Monitoring Solution facilitates contact centers with single platform for End-to-End quality management which can help the organizations leverage operational excellence to achieve business growth. We offer Next Generation Easy-to-Use web based UI application with intelligent user administration considering multilevel user applications. Our call center Quality Monitoring solution produces insight which will drive business improvements.

Business Value:

Our Quality Monitoring solution produces insight which will drive business improvements and help the contact centers to overcome current challenges. It helps to achieve a sustained success that allows business to continually improve and develop by:

  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Improving service and sales conversions
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Identifying critical calls
  • Identifying emerging trends quickly
  • Uncovering business intelligence data
  • Reducing agent turnover
  • Securing sensitive customer data
  • Helping in making critical business decisions
  • Maximizing revenue

Features & Capabilities:

  • Smart Inbox – Access recorded contacts to be evaluated automatically and directly from your inbox based on user defined criteria and save valuable time in searching for calls to monitor.
  • Highly flexible customization and use of evaluation forms – Design and customize evaluation forms basis business objectives and KPI using predefined templates or a new template.
  • Agent Feedback – Exchange online feedback with agents that can empower the agents to actively participate in quality initiatives and performance improvement.
  • Real-time Monitoring – Equip the supervisors to monitor agent’s interaction and screen in real-time.
  • Call Search - Easy and comfortable search of calls based on user defined criteria (agent, CTI event, Time, Hold time, Duration, Transfers, conferences etc.)
  • Call Playback and Evaluation – Supervisors can playback call, monitor screen and perform evaluations simultaneously on a single page without any hassle.
  • Call Calibration – Participate in call calibration while sitting at remote locations and generate calibration report to identify variance and standardize the process.
  • e-Learning – Automatically assign eLearning modules to agents based on their performance.
  • Coaching – Schedule, assign and track coaching sessions to guide the employees to improve.
  • Reporting – Generate / schedule / distribute reports using predefined report templates and customize customer/business specific report templates. View your quality metrics at any time through our quality reports and analytics.
  • Real-time Dashboard – Customizable and easy to read real time dashboards to keep track of KPI’s to yield timely, actionable insight.
  • Bulletproof secure environment – PCI and recording encryption helps organizations to achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Tool has the ability to remove sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers from recorded audio or screens.
  • Integrated Speech Analytics – Metrics are delivered in real time that helps in identifying the emerging trends as they happen.