Work Force Management

At Simcomm, our passion is to deliver value adding, strategic and business-focused consulting that creates impactful workforce practices by leveraging our deep understanding to target the critical bottom lines of our clients, which is the customer bottom lines; the employee bottom lines; & shareholder bottom lines. Essentially, innovative approach & cutting edge consulting solutions are designed to accelerate growth through a greater alignment of business and workforce strategies.

Our goal is to provide our clients a complete approach designed to make workforce as productive as possible, reduce labor costs, and improve customer service.

Workforce Solutions for Contact Center & Back Office

We are determined to provide our clients with innovative & real workforce optimization solutions, enabling them to effectively optimize the workforce, take out additional costs without sacrificing client SLA’s.

We have partnered with Verint® Systems Inc. & AVAYA.

Working with Verint Impact 360 and Avaya workforce optimization technologies we provide our customers an efficient WFM solution ensuring we create significant opportunities for returns in both the contact center and back office environments through grater utilization of resources and increasing agent productivity.

By introducing Workforce Management into your business we ensure a structured environment that will positively impact your customers.

  • Centralized - Maintain enterprise view and decision-making capability
  • Standardized - Processes are standardized to maintain consistency
  • Planned - Processes are rigorously executed on a regular, established schedule
  • Automated - Wherever possible to reduce resource load and process errors
  • Accountability - Organizations and individuals are assigned specific accountability for baseline execution and to achieve operational improvements