About Us

‘Simplified partnership, Simplified Communication, Simplified Solutions.’

SimComm is an authorised Verint and Avaya services partner which deals in providing a wide range of services, solutions to enterprise telephony, call recording, work force management and back office operations across the following industry domains.

  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Media

Founded in 2011, SimComm has created a niche in providing Verint and Avaya services with client base across the globe and delivery centres in UK and India. SimComm is dedicated to serving the needs of customers expertly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Our professionals are highly skilled and certified in the existing Contact Centre industry with excellent proven track record of working with companies like Avaya and Verint.

The services provided by us are oriented to suit each client’s specific requirements. These vary from providing consultancy on trivial issues to resolving complex multisite design and configuration issues.

We also provide extensive support and undertake enhancements as and when required by the clients.

We have the proven ability to work throughout all stages of planning, development, implementation and support of your chosen solution.

We believe that by working with the client as an integral part of their organization, we can develop good and effective solutions which may help client in their daily operations.